justin thomas




My name is Justin Thomas and I'm a professional drummer and audio engineer from Maryland.

I started drumming at age 9 and played in various DC bands including The Fisherman. They're some funky dudes and you should check them out! I even played in a metal rap core band for a summer with none other than Tosin Abasi (Animals as Leaders). True story and yes, he was an incredible guitar player even then. Most recently, I was the drummer for DC band The Muddy Crows and helped us win The Washington City Paper’s “Best Original Band of 2015” award.  

I developed a love for audio production at around age 14. I'd record the radio onto cassette tape and try to duplicate what I heard. Yes, very nerdy hobby, I know.  I'd also make beats and was even in a rap group called EDP.  The beats were fire and my raps...not so much.  In 2004, I put my rap career on hold and my production skills to the test by landing a gig at iHeartRadio. This eventually lead me to work for some of the biggest radio stations in the country including HOT 99.5 and DC101.

In the drumming world I've studied with some of the greats including Rod Morgenstein (Dixie Dregs, Winger), Chuck Redd, Matt Halpern (Periphery) and Mike Johnston. I've also had a slew of help from influences including Tim Alexander (Primus), Carter Beauford (DMB), Chad Sexton (311), Chad Smith (Chili Peppers) and Ringo Starr (The Beatles, duh). I feel very fortunate to have entertained audiences at at venues such as DC’s Gypsy Sally’s, Jammin’ Java and Baltimore’s Artscape Music Festival.

Today, I'm mashing up my love for the drums and audio as producer of the Drummers Resource Podcast and The Daniel Glass Podcast. I also manage GYC Studios, a recording studio for kids and teach group drum lessons. I am currently enrolled at The Berklee College of Music and studying privately with Grant Menefee who has trained some of the best drummers in the world including Nate Morton (The Voice), Jon Theodore (Queen's of the Stone Age) and many more. 

Thanks for your support as I try to figure out my place in this big wide world of drums. 


- Justin